Node: Bitcoin Core
Node: btc1 (segwit2x)
Node: Bitcoin ABC (Bitcoin Cash; Bcash; DAA Fork)
Fork Activation Information

About This Website

What is this website? This website is for warning users if the Bitcoin blockchain has experienced a chain split due to the various fork proposals such as Segwit2x and BIP 148 UASF. If a chain split is detected, there will be a red warning banner at the top of the page stating that a chain split has been detected. Once a chain split has been detected, the status for each node will update with the block height of the most recent split from other nodes and the hash of the block at that height. The site will also warn if a node has fallen behind one of the other nodes and has not split onto a different chain from other node. It will also warn if one of the nodes has recently experienced a blockchain reorganization.

What do the colors mean? There are 4 possible colors for the nodes and that this website will show. When a node is colored green and the banner is green, that means that all nodes which do not have a scheduled persistent chain split agree with each other. Dark blue nodes are nodes which have a scheduled persistent chain split that has activated by activation time and has split onto a different blockchain than the other nodes. Pale blue nodes are ones which the updater received no response for and those nodes will be listed as being down. If an unplanned chain split is detected, all nodes (except dark blue ones) will become red and the banner at the top of the page will become red, warning that an unplanned chain split occurred. If, following a chain split detection with everything being red, the nodes reorganize their blockchain and are all using the same blockchain (except for dark blue nodes), nodes will be colored yellow and a yellow banner will appear to indicate that a blockchain reorganization happened.

How does this website work? The website runs a node for each of the nodes displayed above. A process runs every ten seconds to check to see if each of the nodes has diverged from each other. To avoid triggering the warning in cases of orphaned blocks and latency, the site will only warn if a chain split of more than two blocks is detected.

How can I contribute to the website? The source code for this website is available on github. It is written in python and uses Django for the backend. Styling is done with Bootstrap. Pull requests are welcome. You can also donate to the developer at 1AQx99s7q1wVinbgXbA48BaZQVWpHe5gYM